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Look how dramatically the other mantis falls.
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is that a snake in your pocket or are you just happy t- oh shit its a snake

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this is a red giant thats fucking flying through space at like 300k mph how cool is that


If heartstrings twang
Like harp strings do,
Does pulling them
Hurt me or you?

Because soft bare hands
On cold sharp steel,
Leaves a kind
Of buring feel.


What’s a broken heart
To a second hand?
Like raindrops on flooded land.
So trivial,
Like circumstance.
A stunted rose, a hurtful glance.
No time wont stop
For honest tears,
Like hallow empty, guilty fears.
So carry on,
Only songs revear
A pain so just and so severe.
When cut in two,
Simply one half dies,
Just the same with telling lies.
Expecting change,
A noble cause,
But there are rules, yes there are laws.




I loved you more than life itself.
More than my faith in heaven
And my fear of hell.
I loved you more than flowers do rain.
You were the blood in my veins,
My solution to pain.
I loved you more than anyone before.
I felt it in my soul.
I felt it in my core.
I loved you more than a fish loves the water.
More than a mother does her daughter.
Or a son towards his father.
I loved you like a guitar loves its strummer.
Or a child loves the summer.
Just like you tell me that you love her.

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